Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I got to see my baby again. My doctor couldn't detectt thhe heart beat with a dopler yet so she decided to do a sonogram.

When the picture came up we could see the baby and it's little heart was just beating away. The baby mooved a dew times and it was the most amazing this to see. Then when I giggled the baby really moved a lot.

I guess I haven't gained any weight yet and my blood work from last time came back perfect so this is the picture perfect pregnancy. I was worried that something might be wrong when I hadn't gained weight and when we couldn't get the hearbeat, but everything is perfect.

I'm a little bit nervous about being a mom, but I'm trying really hard not to really think about everything right now. Soo far its working.

Well everybody, I'm gonna wrap this up. So have a great day everyone.


  1. I never had an ultrasound that early with either of mine, that must have been so awesome!

  2. it was so amazing. I was pretty surprised that my doctor wanted me to have one. Now she does one on a less powerful machine everytime I go.