Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things I Know Friday

I'm not even sure what I know today, so it's gonna be pretty random. If you want to join in and tell us what you know, go to Yay For Home! and add your link. Easy!

- My stomach hurts because I ate Chinese 2 days in a row. That was a terrible plan and I really want to puke, just so you know.

- Listography is addictive, you can add me or whatever here.

- I am going to go clean my bathroom, my room, and work on Christmas gifts as soon as I finish writing this.

- A local weather man killed himself and I honestly do not understand everyone being so upset. It's sad, but most of you people didn't know him. Get over it.

- My dad's birthday is today.

- People hate me because I will not instill the belief of Santa Clause in my child.

- I fell off the working out bandwagon. I'm getting right back on tomorrow because I am going skating.

- There is a post scheduled to go up on Monday about why I am going skating, and it's super exciting!

- I am going too download the 2012 Creating My Goddess Year Workbook and Planner from Goddess Leonie at and I will probably be sharing pieces of it here on my blog.

That's about all I've got.



  1. I've never done the Santa thing with my daughters either. My oldest is ten now. I always found the idea a little creepy. I'm lucky that it's never really been a problem for anyone (at least not to my face). My sister is a devout Christian, however, and I remember her asking people not to give her daughter things with fairies on them. You'd think she was killing childhood from some of the things people were saying behind her back!

  2. Mmm, chinese! Oh you evil woman for not teaching your child to live in fear of upsetting the big scary guy with the beard incase upsetting said oversize gnome might lead to a lack of presents. How can you live with yourself, rofl!

    The workbook and planner sounds interesting, might have to check it out!