Friday, July 16, 2010

My Dad and Baby Wearing

The entire time I was pregnant my dad and I talked about baby wearing and it's pros and cons. He kept telling me I was going to get hot and the baby was going to get tired of being strapped onto me. Well I learned something very interesting about my father, he wore me.

He didn't use a sling or a carrier, my big huge construation worker dad carried me on his shoulders from the time I was big enough that he could hold onto my hands and feet at the same time. He went on a 2 mile hike with me on his shoulders.

I remember being little and him carrying me like that, but I was older then. I didn't even realize that he had carried me like that for so long. My dad did baby wearing even before it started becoming mainstream.

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  1. This could explain your close relationship with him. I hope that you and Peanut can have that kind of relationship when he grows up. ;)