Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry...They Flog Blogs

"Big Girls Don't Cry" is my favorite Fergie song. I love her voice anyways, but this song never fails to reach my heart. It is a mantra I have lived by for quite awhile.

I get very emotional about things and it really doesn't take a lot to make me cry; if I'm scared, upset, angry, or just overwhelmed I tend to cry. But I also have a lot of control issues and crying happens to be one of them. If someone makes me cry it freaks me out because I'm not in control. So when I was about 15 I taught myself not to cry unless I really had to. It actually worked for a pretty long time. Then somehow I started having a normal range of emotions again and the crying came back.

When I had the baby, something in my head told me that moms don't cry. So I really haven't. There has been a time or two, but nothing like it was.

With all of the drama that has been going on right now, I haven't cried. I have gotten pretty good at suppressing the urge and I like the feeling of control. I know this is not how my emotions are supposed to work and that I am probably messing up my emotional cycles, but, its my coping mechanism.

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  1. I love that song too! I have been working on my tears and saving them up for when I really need them :)

  2. this mum didn't read the rules, I cry all the freaking time LOL

  3. Awww. I love that song too. It came out when I was pregnant with my first child, and I used to cry to it. A lot ;)

  4. I know what you mean. I put on a brave face a lot of the time when it has to do with my son (he's just been through one lot of surgery and has another round in a few months) but when it's anything to do with me I'm such a cry-baby!!! I hate it!

  5. You know... I would have something to say about this if I didn't do the same damned thing. Lol. You know how much I love you, I tell you all the time. You know that I'm here for you to call or text. You also know that you'll be seeing me in 3ish weeks and I'll make you feel all better, at least for a little while. Why? Because that's what best friends are made for.
    -The Fairy God Diva

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  7. Mums cry. But only when they're alone. Usually in the bathroom. Let it out sometimes, or it will consume you.

  8. One of my fav all time songs
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    Looking forward to reading your blog some more