Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting HUGE!!!

I'm finally starting to show and it's kinda pissing me off. I can't even zip my jeans, but I have a Bella Band that holds my pants on and makes them very comfortable. It's really hard to find maternity jeans that are long enough for me to wear. I guess tall women don't have babies...or don't wear pants. I'm not sure. I've still only gains about 10 pounds. The goal is to weigh less when I leave the hospitl than I did before I got pregnant. And my doctor is ok with this plan.

Getting ready for the baby shower has been harder than I thought. Hopefully we will get all the invitations addressed tonight and sent out tomorrow. Thats the goal for today. I finally got my room all cleaned out and it looks great. I slept so well last night because it isn't cluttered. Tonight I'm going to work on the bathroom. I think I have been nesting lately.

For the last week or so it has felt like Peanut changed position. I'm getting kicked in different places now. I think he is slowly making his way upside down, which is AWESOME!

Everyone keeps looking at me like I'm crazy because I'm not buying crib. I don't really think I need one since I am planning on co-sleeping. It will be a glorified cat bed.

We have a couple or doctor appointments next week. On Monday we have the usual meeting with the doctor. After this week I think I have to start going every other week; that's gonna suck. Then on Wednesday we have a prenatal echocardiogram. So a sonogram done by a cardiologist to see about the *possible* hole in Peanut's heart. I don't think there really is one.

Oh and my birthday is tomorrow. I'm kinda excited. My parents are taking Will and I out for dinner. It will be nice.

Thats all for now everyone. Love you all.



  1. Happy early Birthday, have a great day tomorrow!!!

    BTW I gained 24 lbs with my youngest and the day after he was born i had lost 29 lbs.

  2. Thanks!

    My mom ended up weighing less when she left the hospital. I guess it's not all that uncommon as long as you don't gain like 40 lbs lol