Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I wish someone had told me

This post is about all the things I have learned since giving birth and having a baby.

  • No matter how much you plan, nothing ever works quite how you think it should.
  • Pitocin is the devil and so not worth it unless you really can't go into labor on your own.
  • Your body most likely will not make a baby that you can't deliver, that are rare cases though.
  • Your birth plan doesn't matter once you are in labor.
  • Some women have a longer gestational period and it is better to respect that.
  • The important thing is that you and the baby are safe, no matter what has to happen.
  • It is ok to get an epidural; some people can do it without and some people can't.
  • Next time I won't be induced unless it is necessary nor will I give birth in the hospital.

The Hospital

  • If you are young, you will be judged.
  • You will feel like a caged animal during that two day stay.
  • Ask questions anytime the nurses take your baby out of the room.
  • Remember to take a shower so you don't stink.


  • It's ok to take medication for Postpartum Depression.
  • When someone asks what you need for the baby, tell them.
  • Ask for help.
  • You will be doing laundry on a daily basis.
  • Making a daily schedule and following it can be helpful.
  • Don't get obsessive about your daily schedule, that is not helpful.
  • Co-sleeping takes some adjusting to, it is natural, but you still have to learn.

That's about all I could think of. If any of the moms that read my blog have more to add, please leave a comment.

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  1. Ugh. I remember all too well being judged when I had my daughter at 18. The second time around I was only 21, but I went it and demanded the respect anyway- which I was easily given by most of the staff minus one nurse I excused from my room.

    On mothering: Milestone are general. This includes height, weight, walking, talking, sitting, eating, etc. Some of these things your baby will do early, others later, than "most" babies. Don't fret unless the pediatrician says there is actually something wrong.

    Like the baby, the laundry will grow.

    Take time to enjoy each age of the child. It goes by in a flash. This sometimes means putting time with the child before housework.