Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh Man...

I have lots of things to write about. Feel free to not read this whole thing. :)

I figured out who was commenting on my blog. And it was not the person I thought it was. It's all taken care of now so no more stress from that. Thank you for all of the nice comments of support that everyone left on my last post; they made me feel a lot better about the whole situation.

Yesterday I had one of those days where I felt great and started thinking about going off of my Zoloft. The more I thought about it the better it sounded. Then I woke up today and remembered that even with the Zoloft i will still have good days and bad days and that just because I have a few good days in a row does not mean that I should stop taking the medicine.

Depression is such a selfish disease. You never really think about how you are hurting other people; even when you are doing the things you need to do to get better, in your head it is still all about you. I had to tell myself that I need to keep on with the treatment because if I don't I will be putting myself, my child, and my family at risk. And I can't do that to them.

I had a really good weekend. On Saturday I spent the night with Will at his house and we watched a lame ass movie about a guy with one leg who rides his bike across the country. It was terrible. Then I slept off and on all night and didn't get up until around noon.

Then yesterday I went to hang out with a couple of friends that have a 6 month old son (K and C). Our babies were fascinated by each other. They grabbing each others faces and tried to chew on one another. I went to Wal-Mart with them and we looked like New Age polygamists. K was wearing a skirt and so was I but we are all goth-ish and alternative. The looks we got were kind of funny.

Then after we got home I cleaned for a few hours because I felt like things were out of control and I was way behind from being gone all weekend. I never in a million years thought that I would turn into a neat freak and clean every night. Oh well.

That's pretty much all that's going on right now. This week I am hoping to write a few posts that actually have meaning.


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  1. Hooray for baby play dates! I'm sure that was probably the cutest thing ever. ^_^ Remember, I love you and will never leave your side(figuritively of course. ;]). Depression or no, I'll be there. Whether you keep on the medication or not, it shows maturity that you are thinking about those around you. You continue to amaze me, I hope one day you'll have the opportunity to teach me some of the new things you've learned.

    The Fairy God Diva