Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Have a Secret!

This post was inspired by the lovely mama over at Grumbles and Grunts.

Her post was all abouthow breastfeeding was and is easy for her, well my secret is that it has been just as easy for me. She talks all about how things went smothly and she never even got sick. Well I did get thrush, but since I had learned about it at La Leche League, I knew what it was and dealt with it.I have had plugged ducts, but I already knew how to deal with that also.

I think a large part of the reason it has worked out for me is because of LLL. From the begining I knew I was going to breasteed so I started going to meetings. At my first meeting I was told that breastfeeding would only hurt if you were doing it wrong. When other people would tell me it had hurt them, i would just tell them that there must have been an issue with positioning or latch.

So to all you pregnant mamas out there that are thinking about breastfeeding, please learn all that you can before hand and remember that it should not hurt.

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