Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Know I'm Not Perfect

Sometimes I get really jealous, like all humans do. So here is the list of what I am jealous of right now.

I'm jealous that Will gets to be a stay-at-home dad until he finds a job; I want to be a SAHM so it's really hard on me.

I'm jealous of the kids my age that get to go drink, I can't do that because I am breastfeeding. I can drink a little bit, but not a lot.

I'm jealous of the families that get to live together.

I'm jealous of the people that can afford everything they want and need.

But here is what I am thankful for.

My son.

His loving father.

The best parents I could have ever asked for.

A place to live and food, provided by those parents.

Having a college fund that my great grandma set up for me so that I have one less expense.

The doors that are opening for me right now.

My family (friends included).

My health.

It is really easy to get yourself down about what you don't have, but whem we look around, we can almost always find at least a speck of light. There is good and love all around us, we just have to be willing to look for it.

<3 Swt


  1. I'm thankful for you and I praise the heavens that you have those things to be thankful for. I love you!
    -The Fairy God Diva

  2. It's a crazy balance. Just keep looking for the good things ;-)

  3. I understand this. I found myself jealous of SAHM's and I could barely smile when they complained about going back to work after a year or two at home. I just thought I only had 6 weeks please don't complain to me. I might hit you lol. You're right though the good out weighs the bad. I'm thankful for a healthy happy child, and eyes to read fun blogs ha ha