Thursday, September 2, 2010

Psychic Dreams

I believe that all people are psychic to some extent and it can be grown into a real talent and gift. I have always had feeling about stuff and been very intuitive. But since I got pregnant, I have been having psychic dreams of sorts. It's not like I can exactly what is going to happen, and I usually cannot decipher what they mean or which parts will work out until I make the connection with the event that happens and the dream I had.

A few really good examples are when Will's mom died, a few weeks before I had a dream about a funeral and when I woke up all I could think was that before the baby was born, someone we loved would pass. This is the strongest one I have ever had.

More recently I had a dream about opening a store...the next day I got the call that Pottery Playland was closing. Then less than a week later the plan to open my shop was set in action.

Then a few nights ago I had a dream about my beautiful store that I had created catching on fire, the next day we got word that our financing fell through. So now we are taking this much slower and will hopefully be opening a store by next Summer or Fall.

So here is my plan, I want to really cultivate this and gain more wisdom from my dreams. So since Goddess Leonie over at Goddess Guide has created her new goddess circle and I totally joined (just $99 for hundreds of dollars worth of stuff) I will be doing her Devine Dreaming Meditation tonight and possibly every night for awhile and journaling about stuff. I think it is high time that I get back in touch with my spiritual side.

*On a totally unrelated note...tomorrow will feature the first ever guest post on my blog and I am stoked!!!!

<3 Swt


  1. I believe in psychic ability... but I'm not sure I could stand analysing my dreams. Let us know how you go! x

  2. I'm excited to hear how the Dream Meditation works for you! I've often had stuff like this happen to me in dreams and sometimes it's related to real life and sometimes it's not. There's a whole chapter about this stuff in my Psychology text book.
    I'm also very excited about a guest blog post! Yay!
    -The Fairy God Diva