Friday, November 4, 2011

Things I Know: Totally Effing Random Edition

Yup, it’s Friday again so it is time to join Shae at Yay for Home! for Things I Know Friday. If you want to write your own post you should, and then link back to Shea and add your blog to the list. It’s super easy.

This week I know a lot of random crap and I will tell you all about it in no particular order.

- I know that tomorrow I will be posting a picture dump of a post from October. I’ve been thinking about doing a monthly picture dump so I think I’m going to do it the first Saturday of each new month.

- My kid is going to drive me crazy if he doesn’t start talking soon. He is throwing fits about everything because he can’t communicate with me. I feel bad because I always meant to do bay sign language with him but never really got around to it. Maybe we’ll look into this a little more tonight.

- I am a much more relaxed person when I have my artwork surrounding me. I brought home more stuff from the Psycho’s house and a lot of my art was in it and now is in my room making me a happy camper.

- Speaking of camping, I need to camp more next summer.

- Tonight I am going to get most of my big furniture from Psycho’s house which means that I will have my big table and can actually start working on art again. This will be a good thing.

- I am enrolling in classes for the spring semester on Monday. It looks like I’ll be doing Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, Nutrition, and then maybe one of the psychology classes that looks like fun that I’ll need. Too much? Probably.

- I’m getting my own apartment in the spring. I need to be on my own and learn to be self sufficient. We’ll see how this goes. Maybe I’ll get a dog.

- I’m excited for all of the changes coming up, and I’m not scared.

- Following that last point, I think that means that therapy is working out for me.

- My therapist says my habit of getting piercings in times of stress is healthy. A lot of people go buy themselves something nice to make them feel better. Mine are more permanent so I can look in the mirror everyday and be reminded of what I’ve gotten though. They are like battle scars.

That’s pretty much what I’ve got. As I said before, random and fuck, that’s just how it goes sometimes.


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  1. Good luck with your studies and getting your own place. It sounds like the beginning of something awesome.