Saturday, November 5, 2011

October Photo Dump

I'm really sorry that these are not in order. There is a lot of pics and I don't feel like fucking with it to put them in order.
Peanut was a dragon for Halloween. He loved his costume but would not hold still long enough for me to take any decent pics of him.
Dragons need snacks too, ya know.

This is my pumpkin all lit up.Here is is right after I got done carving it.
This is the stage at the the Social Distortion show. My friend and I had to act like we were lesbians because a creepy guy was hitting on her. We were right at the gate so we saw everything. It was amazing!
My boots, because I'm still a punk at heart.
Social D tickets.
This is one of the flowers I have been obsessed with making these last few months.
Breakfast of champions: sugar free Red Bull and a protein bar.
This is my new bobcat skull. I named her Antoinette.
Peanut is helping Papa mow the grass.
Passed out.
With just his feet sticking out of the stroller.
This is about 10 minutes before the previous two pictures were taken. This is proof that you can still wear your toddler.
Just me cheesin for the camera.
My new amber ring. I really like amber.
Blown tire on my parents' travel trailer. The tread came off and tore open the floor and some of the insulation flew out.
OHMIGAWD! It's Mama and Peanut!

This is what I look like at grownup parties.
Oh, there is the tire again.

We can nom on apples now.

And how cute is this for an ending picture?


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