Tuesday, January 17, 2012

100 Things To Do In 2012

Every year I do Goddess Leonie's Goddess Guidebook and Planner to make my year as special as possible. I wanted to at least share my list of the 100 things that I really want to do this year. There are a few of them that I can't share, but there will be at least 90 on here.

Maybe once a month I'll try to update what I've accomplished.

  1. Get a tattoo.
  2. Get a piercing.
  3. Skydive.
  4. Get wasted, but not if Peanut is going to be around.
  5. Buy roller derby skates.
  6. Go to a concert.
  7. Get a bike.
  8. Road trip.
  9. Finish platypus canvas.
  10. Zentangle canvases.
  11. Paint pottery.
  12. Organize art supplies.
  13. Read 12 books.
  14. Take pics with Peanut.
  15. Swim in a lake.
  16. Swim in a river.
  17. Run a 5k.
  18. Complete Couch to 5k program.
  19. Complete applicable 30 Days to a Better Man.
  20. Make a doodle scrapbook.
  21. Plant an herb garden.
  22. Go to River Market.
  23. Go to St. Louis.
  24. Take pics in a photo booth.
  25. Make absinth.
  26. Go to a Mavs game.
  27. Maintain a 3.8 GPA for a semester.
  28. Participate in a flash mob.
  29. Go without media for 24 hours.
  30. Go camping.
  31. Complete pin-up girl cross stitch.
  32. Visit a new state.
  33. Go on trips with the youth group at my mom's church.
  34. Go swimming at night.
  35. Make fondue.
  36. Perform a random act of kindness.
  37. Learn to crochet.
  38. Complete 5 cross stitches.
  39. See a sunrise and sunset on the same day.
  40. Go ice skating.
  41. Make sushi.
  42. Make a monster plushie for Peanut.
  43. Make a picture book.
  44. Attend a house party.
  45. Participate in Race for the Cure.
  46. Participate in AIDS walk.
  47. Go on a date with someone new.
  48. Go to the lake for a weekend with Meggers.
  49. Visit the Bestie at school.
  50. Go canoeing.
  51. Day trip to see my favorite couple.
  52. Have a BBQ.
  53. Go on a picnic.
  54. Make a light bulb terrarium.
  55. Print off pics.
  56. Paint paper lanterns.
  57. Make a shrine.
  58. Buy more vintage hankies.
  59. Make prayer flags.
  60. Buy more prayer flags.
  61. Build a blanket fort.
  62. Attend a rally for a cause I care about.
  63. Do 25 pushups.
  64. Learn to hula hoop.
  65. Learn a poem by heart.
  66. Get contacts again.
  67. Answer the 50 Questions that will Free Your Mind.
  68. Dance in the rain.
  69. Learn to identify a constellation.
  70. Sew something.
  71. Get a small pet.
  72. Leave a note in a book for a stranger to find.
  73. Send a secret to PS.
  74. Carve my name in a tree.
  75. Go indoor rock climbing.
  76. Ride the train.
  77. Make a list book.
  78. Open a savings account.
  79. See Flogging Molly.
  80. Go to Half Priced Books.
  81. Take a class at Micheal's.
  82. Make those one bracelets.
  83. Make something with my mirror birds.
  84. Fall asleep in someone's arms.
  85. Go to Westport.
  86. Get a new speaker.
  87. Build something.
  88. Get more mens boxers.
  89. Go cash only.
Well, almost 90.


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  1. Road Trip you say? I have a great idea for that one! Take a road trip to visit me in IA with Ruth & Liath! Bring peanut too! i could always use company in my house!!