Monday, February 13, 2012

Burning Bridges

Psycho and I are over, like completely. We can't even be friends and he hates my guts. Apparently I wasn't there in his time of need so now I cannot be trusted. That's fine, I refuse to apologize for any of my actions or reactions that led up to this whole thing. I am not writing to bitch and moan; I've done plenty of that now, I just want to talk about what I feel at the moment.

I am pretty sure this situation was caused my Psycho's inability to get over me because I watched him do this same thing with two of his exes. It's easier to move on from a relationship when you hate the other person than it is when you still care about them, so he made us hate each other.

I'm most upset that I was right. When we started dating he said that we would always be friends and I was afraid that if we broke up it would be completely over. I was right.

A lot of my stuff got thrown away, by him, apparently and I think it was supposed to really hurt me. It didn't. I'm angry at the money I am going to have to spend to replace it, but very little of it was irreplaceable to me. I lost some of my artwork, but I'm a better artist now so I will make something more beautiful that won't have the negative emotion attached to it. The mantra I keep repeating when I find myself dwelling is "n=Now there is more room for newer, better things."

For now I am focusing on getting my new place with Meggers and settling in there. Who knows, maybe we will have a sexy neighbor.

Thanks for listening.


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