Friday, February 12, 2010

So...I have no title for this post...

I think it is about time for an update. We had yet another sonogram on Monday to try and see once again if there is or is not a hole in Peanut's heart, it was totally inconclusive. We still don't know. So In March I'm headed for another test of some sort at a different hospital that should tell us, for sure, if there is infact a hole. At this point I'm going with no. I say this because from what the prior 2 sonogram showed, there looks to be just a shadow because my little guy is truned funny. The "hole" doesn't remain constant. I made sure that we are infact having a boy, there is no doubt that the little thing poking out is a penis. My belly is staring to poke out a bit, I still just look like I'm chubby, but thats ok with me.

In other news, I gave myself a French manicure today and I am very proud of myself. Its not the best but I'm just impressed that I managed to quit chweing my nails. This has been a life long battle, but while Will and I were in New Mexico I decided that mom's shouldn't chew their nails because it teaches bad habbits. So I stopped. I also made a Valentine's Day card for Will. I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan, but I think any excuse to do something nice for the ones you love is a good thing.

I have something I would like to talk about. on the Goddess Guide Book website there is a challegnge every Thursday called "Zen Your Life Thursday." Last wekk the goal was to clean off your desk, which I did, but it wasn't that dirty. Then This week I was thinking about how I am subscribed to about a million RSS feeds that I don't read and then I feel bad for not reading them. So I thought I should get rid of some, but I was being lazy about it. Until yesterday when the "Zen Your Life Thursday" challenge was to unsubscribe from at least 5 RSS feeds. I took that as a sign from the universe that I needed to do something about the psychotic number of feeds that show up in my google reader. So I did. Now it's all nice and neat and not overwhelming. It made me feel much better and a little less overwhelmed.

The point of all this is to say that sometimes we all need to declutter. Going through huge parts of your life at once can be hard but if you just do a tiny bit at a time you'll feel better and be happier. This is a revelation that I just recently had. My dad has been trying to teach me this for forever. I just now got it. And just in time too. We have a whole baby room to put together but first we have to relocate the craft room that will be the baby's room. I have a new goal for myself: do something everyday to help declutter and organize something that needs to be decluttered or organized everyday. Some days it will only be a little, but then other days when I'm more motivated, it will be a lot. I'll let you guys know how this goes for me. The button at the top of this post links to the Goddess Guide Book page, so click it and go look around.

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