Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Week of Appointments

Monday I had an appointment with a nurse at the hospital for a program that they do. She always talks to us like we're too stupid to have a baby, but this was the last appointment with her so we don't have to deal with that anymore. Then right after that i had an appointment with my doctor. The blood work they did at my last appointment came back and everything looks awesome. I have lost about 6lbs since my last visit, 4 weeks ago, but it's really not a big deal. my doctor is just going to keep an eye on it since now I have to start going every 2 weeks. I need to gain about a pound a week.

Then on Tuesday I had a chiropractor appointment and I got complimented on the fact that I can still sit up without having to push myself up. I guess by 7 months that's supposed to be kind of hard.

Wednesday was the appointment for the sonogram to look at the baby's heart and find out once and for all if there is a hole. Well there isn't. The doctor took one look at the ultra sound pictures and said "there is nothing wrong with that baby's heart." Those were the best words I have heard in months. Peanut is measuring about a week bigger than average, but that isn't surprising since Will and I were both big. He is in the 70 percentile.

I'm starting to get anxious about having the baby. Not nervous or anything, I'm just really tired of waiting. Only 7 to 9 more weeks and there will be an adorable baby boy for me to hold. But that's a really long time!

Well that's really about all I have to say about the world. I love you all.

<3 Sarah


  1. So happy little peanut's heart is intact, that is awesome news!!!!!!

  2. Thank you very much! I'm so relieved.

  3. found you though one of my followers

    i <3 that you're a young mom!!

    i know how you feel about people telling you you're too stupid to have kids.... i was 22 and unmarried when i had mine, people treat you the same way, it sucks