Wednesday, May 5, 2010

National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

That's what today is. I can't really decide what I think about it.

On one hand, the teen pregnancy rates are out of control. We have all of these young women getting pregnant and the vast majority of them know how it happens. Then on the other hand I feel like I'm being judged because I am one of the pregnant teens that we should be preventing from getting pregnant. My birth control failed, but I should have been using a condom. I KNOW that. But why didn't I fully understand it then?

I had sex education in high school, it was abstinence based, but they still taught us about the possible consequences. So even if there is sex education, why isn't it working? What would make it work? I have no idea, even now I can't explain where the disconnect in my head was.

Now all this being said, please do not get the idea that I regret getting pregnant or even having sex without a condom. I feel like things happen for a reason and this is the path my life is supposed to take. I feel bad for the burden I have placed on my family with my decisions, but a family is meant to support you no matter what and that is what mine has been doing.

If you have an opinion on this matter comment and tell me about it.

Thanks guys.

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