Monday, August 16, 2010

A Bit Behind and Random Questions

I know I haven't posted lately, but I have been really busy dealing with the business stuff. We are going to look at the available space today and I am so excited.

I am babysitting one of my favorite little boys today and I got the cutest picture of him and Peanut. He is so sweet and gentle with the baby.

On to other things: I got these questions from A Daft Scots Lass and I thought it would be fun to post my answers on here. If any of my readers want to post theirs either leave a comment with them or a link to your blog so we can all get to know each other a little better.

What is your signature color?
I love teal. I think it is the prettiest color there is. My Moby is even teal.

Your most embarrassing moment?
I'm not really sure on this one. There really are not a whole lot o things that I am terribly embarrassed about. I think one that still sticks out in my head was when I was on the phone with Will one night long before we started dating and I was singing Low, ya know, the Apple Bottom jeans song. I think I was trying to be hardcore or something.

Would you ever get anything pierced other than your ears? If yes, what?
Well I have my left nostril pierced, I had the right one, I have my septum, and my nipples were pierced; so I think the answer to that question is yes. I am planning on getting my nipple redone after I wean Peanut and maybe something else ;)

Are you a social butterfly or a homebody?
I am a homebody. I don't really like parties all that much and I would pretty much always prefer to hang out with just a couple friends that be in a room full of people.

Are are you done having babies or do you want more?
I want more; at least 1 more but I would be perfectly fine with 2 or 3 more. I can see myself having a big family; it is time to break the only child cycle!

Are you loyal to your hair stylist or do you try out every salon in town?
I am fiercely loyal to my stylist. She is actually my piercer also. But I love her and will be devastated if she ever leaves.

How many times have you moved in your life?
Just once, and we moved 3 houses down from our old one.

If you could plan a dream vacation with just you and your love, where would you go?
I have no idea. Maybe Spain, that would be fun. I have honestly never thought about it.

So there you go, now you have a peak into my head.

<3 Swt

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