Friday, August 27, 2010

Flog Yo Blog Friday and Why Some Breastfeeding Moms Hate My Guts

So I am a huge slacker and keep forgetting about Flog Yo Blog Friday until the very last minute. So here is the awesome linky to Flog Yo Blog.


And here is the reason some breastfeeding moms hate me.

This is about 16oz from about 30 minutes total of pumping throughout the day.

I have some other good news as well. I went to my WIC appointment yesterday and started talking to the lady about breastfeeding. She is pregnant and planning on breastfeeding her son even though last time she couldn't. So I started giving her all the advice I could think of. Then she told me that they are starting a peer breastfeeding counceling group and asked if I would be interested in being a leader. Of course I said yes. So I am waiting for a call from her to get that set up. I am super stoked.

<3 Swt


  1. Fantastic on a couple of levels ...... peer BF thing - BRILLIANT idea. The amount of breastmilk ...... that is absolutely awesome. I had a friend who we nicknamed 'Doris' cause she was like a cow. But we were all jealous, for it gave her such freedom. You lucky thing!

  2. What an awesome opportunity!!

    And, yup, totally jealous- that would be, like a week of pumping for me ;)