Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Nipples Aren't Low Flow

Peanut pukes all the time. At first part of it was from acid reflux, but now he doesn't make the acid face, he just pukes.

So I got to thinking, when you give a baby a bottle, if stuff is coming out, they will keeps eating even if they aren't hungry. That's why you use low flow nipples.

Well my nipples are not low flow, they are like trying to drink out of a fire hose. Then I thought of a possible solution, if I don't let him nurse as long, he won't eat as much so he won't puke.

When I pump for 15 minutes I can get 6 ounces if my boobs are full, he cannot eat that much. So we have been nursing for about 6 minutes and then burping and giving him the pacifier so that he can keep sucking like he wants to.

So far it seems to be working.

<3 Swt


  1. Sarah Sarah Sarah you make me laugh!
    Love you and Peanut!
    --- J.---

  2. I would make a comment about Will and your problem, but that would either be in poor taste, or just milking the subject for a joke. ;)

  3. Just a warning (from a complete stranger, I know) -- there's less fat in the first milk that comes out, so it's necessary for him to get the milk at the end (the hindmilk). You can try pumping off the first couple of ounces, or just nursing on one side. But he'll probably have trouble gaining weight if you just give him the foremilk (what comes out first).

  4. Oh I know. He only nurses from one side each time he nurses. And gaining wieght hasn't been an issue at all. Usually when he nurses i have to take him off for a minute so that I don't drown him, so that takes care of the foremilk.