Saturday, August 7, 2010

Teen Mom

I have a confession, I love watching Teen Mom on MTV. But the reason for that is that it has pretty much taught me how to be a good mom; I just do everything opposite of what they do. I know thats fucked up to say, but it's true.

On last weeks episode, Farrah leaves her daughter in the sink by herself. Now her daughter is big enough to walk while holding on to stuff, so she could have pulled herself up and fallen out of the sink. As it was, the baby turned on the hot water and burned herself.

I have no idea why the camera man or producer didn't stop the baby, they really should have, but Farrah should have never left the baby alone in the sink.

All this brings to why I started this blog. People like this make all young moms look bad. I am not stupid and I do know how to take care of my son.

In my town there are a lot of young moms, and for some reason most of them are just so damn ghetto. You know, ignore the baby and shove a pacifire in its mouth whenever it fusses, mostly formula fed, and they yell all the the time. Yelling at your kids doesn't fix the problem.

I'm just angry that young moms get such a bad reputation.

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  1. I would be angry too, it would be nice to see some teenage mothers on tv that are actually good mothers. But I guess positive images dont make good reality tv . This may seem harsh but I really think Farrah should have her child taken away.