Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess What

I am sitting in my psychology class, getting ready to take a test, and I am updating and reading blogs. Not studying like I should be. I'm a bad person, but it's cool.

In other testing news, I got 100 % on my first 2 math quizes. This is the third time I have take this math class, so maybe I will pass this time. So far things seem to be going well and my dear friend TK said he would help me out if I need it.

So more about this psych test, I actually feel really confident about it. I know what the different parts of the brain do and where they are located. I pretty much know who the psychologists were that were the forefathers, but I don't think that will be as important as brain function.

So here it goes, test time. Wish me luck.

<3 Swt


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you'll great, because you took Psych in high school. I remember that LONG drive to St. Louis with the girls in the youth group and you were studying a chapter about drugs and such and you were having us help quiz you. That actually helped me in the long, because when I took Psych the next year I remembered some of that stuff. Any how, knock 'em dead, Bestie.
    -The Fairy God Diva

  2. Luck luck luck!!

    You know, I was reading this post and I was thinking "she's really, really not like every other teen mum out there". You go, girl! x