Monday, November 22, 2010

Stupid Babies Making Me Cry

*This was written a few days ago.

I wrote about how I try really hard not to be an emotional person I tend to keep it all in and only cry if I really have to. And when I do cry I usually feel very weak and it makes me angry. But there is one thing that I just cannot hold it in about. Birth stories. Beautiful ones, traumatic ones, it doesn't matter; they almost all make me cry at least a little.

On the drive to school today I heard one on the radio about this mom who was a senior in high school when she had her son and they deliver him by suction and it caused a temporal bleed and he had to be resuscitated and now has some terrible brain problems. He cant sit up or crawl or talk. It broke my heart. I wanted to reach out to this mom and hug her.

Then just a few minutes ago a read a wonderful birth story on Off Beat Mama. This woman had a lovely VBAC. I am so proud of her and I really wish I could talk to her in person and tell her this.

Birth is such an amazing and life affirming event. I may not care about much else, but if you want to tell me your birth story I will listen, but I will probably also cry.

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