Tuesday, May 17, 2011

100 Things About Me...That I Don't Think You Know

I promise that starting tomorrow we will have regular posts again. I have kind of been hiding from the world. Well, I'm back. Tomorrow and Thursday we will have picture posts from Peanut's birthday and from my camping trip last weekend. Then next week I am doing a week long series about pumping.

On to the list!

  1. My name is Sarah Elizabeth, this translates to Princess and Gift from God, it was a given that I would be spoiled.

  2. I really want to be part of a revolution.

  3. The only reason I don't cover up when I breastfeed in public is because I found out that people will come over and look under my cover anyways.

  4. Breastfeeding for as long as possible has become a challenge now, its less about what is best at this point.

  5. I have only had 3 other "real" boyfriends besides Psycho Knight.

  6. I'm not entirely sure why we have to give people we write about nicknames; I think first names would suffice.

  7. My first concert was Britney Spears; this makes me hang my head in shame.

  8. I may act kind of slutty, but I can count on my fingers and also name all of the people I have been intimate with.

  9. I want to start a blog about sex.

  10. I want to be a sex researcher.

  11. I haven't painted since I lost my job at the pottery shop.

  12. I may be more depressed than I am willing to admit.

  13. Cleaning overwhelms me.

  14. One of my personal mottoes is "Everyone deserves a secret...or 10."

  15. I pick at my skin, especially the bumps on my arms, when I am depressed or anxious.

  16. I recently found out that number 15 is a form of self mutilation. There is a name for it and everything, not that I remember what that name is.

  17. Some days they anxiety is so bad that I can barely breathe when I think about getting out of bed and going to work.

  18. I withdraw from Peanut and his needs when I get depressed. To make up for this I over compensate by forcing myself to be ultra attentive.

  19. I really want another baby, like tomorrow.

  20. While I want another baby, I am scared of giving birth again because I have had issues from the epidural and the Stadol they put me on was scary so I will do it naturally next time.

  21. I love sensations; I will go out in the winter with no coat on just to feel the cold.

  22. I got a new piercing a few months ago, but I can't tell you about it.

  23. I am going to get a mermaid with wings tattooed on my back.

  24. I know what almost all of the scars on my body are from.

  25. I broke my wrist when I was 14 by punching a skateboard.

  26. Apparently I broke m nose at some point; I have no idea when but they had to pierce around scar tissue then I got my septum pierced.

  27. I hate talking on the phone.

  28. The only text abbreviations I use are lol and omg.

  29. I hate when people TyPe LiKe ThIs.

  30. This list is harder than I thought it would be.

  31. I would love to mentor a robotics team, but I don't have time.

  32. I want to get my Girl Scout zip line and rappel instructor certification.

  33. I hate public speaking, but I love the adrenaline rush that I get from it.

  34. I spoke at graduation, but I graduated a year early and from the alternative school, so I don't really know most of the people I was talking to.

  35. I live an alternative lifestyle that I can't tell you about.

  36. I learned most of what I know about it from my aunt.

  37. I do not remember most of high school.

  38. The first thing I thought when I saw my son was "Oh good, he doesn't look like he has Downs Syndrome."

  39. I still get angry when I think about how my labor went.

  40. Psycho Knight, who was just my best friend at the time, was there when I had Peanut. Not in the room during the actual pushing, but he was there for most of the labor.

  41. He has no idea how much that means to me.

  42. I have a whole list of blog topics that I have never written about.

  43. I have 40 drafts and 20 or so word documents that should be put on the blog.

  44. Up until yesterday, I had no idea you could back up a blog. I need to do that.

  45. I am addicted to Post Secret. I read it every Sunday.

  46. I have never been brave enough to send in my secret. Maybe I will this week.

  47. I am no brave enough to write about my secret; i have tried over and over.

  48. I know you guys won't judge me any harder than I judge myself, but I can't bring myself to say it.

  49. I have a lot of resentment for some members of my immediate family.

  50. I love little things. I have a tiny turtle and a tiny pig on my computer at work.

  51. One of my greatest pet peeves is using "good" where "well" should be used.

  52. It's everything I can do not to correct my superiors when they make this mistake. I feel like it makes them sound uneducated.

  53. I wonder how much of this you, my readers, already know.

  54. I wonder how much of this you, my family and friends, already know.

  55. I could never be a stay at home mom, but I would love to only work part time.

  56. My plans are to get my IBCLC certification and to become a doula so that I can work for myself.

  57. During the Summer, every time I get in my car I want to pick a direction and just keep driving until I run out of gas.

  58. I know where I will end up if I go South.

  59. When I get depressed I become a flight risk.

  60. I almost always walk away from fights.

  61. It is not to avoid conflict, it is to avoid hitting because I am afraid that I will hit and in return get hit.

  62. That is part of why I have PTSD.

  63. Sometimes I feel like I need counseling but I cannot make myself seek out help.

  64. When I was younger counseling was always part of an ultimatum. It was counseling or the hospital.

  65. I'm relieved that I am over 18 because it means that it is harder to have me committed if I go crazy again.

  66. I never did land myself in a mental hospital, although I sometimes wonder if I should have gone.

  67. I love camping; there is a magic about being outside and cooking on a fire and seeing the stars.

  68. I feel nauseous when I think about what happens when we die.

  69. I still hate cooking, but I am realizing that I am fairly good at it.

  70. I didn't even notice when blogger was down.

  71. I really want to build a muscle car.

  72. I am a good welder but I need to practice more.

  73. I miss working with my dad on the weekends. I hope he gets some side work that he needs my help on soon.

  74. My dad is going to build Peanut a dune buggy; I'm jealous and I better get to drive it.

  75. I learned how to drive in a Ford F350 cable truck.

  76. I loved that truck very much and would drive a big truck if I could afford to.

  77. I used to shave almost my whole body.

  78. I find men with facial hair more attractive than those without.

  79. Psycho Knight is sexy, he is even more sexy when he hasn't shaved in a few days and is scruffy.

  80. Psycho Knight used to have hair down to his ass and he dyed it black. I miss the long hair and in my mind he will always have black hair.

  81. One of the first things he ever said to me was "You aren't wearing underwear." in front of my boyfriend.

  82. I constantly update my Facebook with quotes from him.

  83. This list is turning out to have a lot about PK.

  84. I like reading books about people with issues like drug problem and psychiatric disorders because they make me feel less crazy.

  85. I love beer.

  86. I do not believe in drinking when you are sad or depressed; it's called escapism and I think it is wrong.

  87. I never drink to get drunk.

  88. My favorite alcohol is Wood Chuck.

  89. Sometimes I really miss smoking weed.

  90. I stopped when my ex stopped 3 years ago.

  91. I have never been swimming in the ocean.

  92. I am always scared that when I swim in a lake I will step on a dead person. I blame my parents love for CSI type shows for this fear.

  93. My monthly La Leche League meeting is my safe place.

  94. At first I hated the color green that the walls in my house are painted, it's staring to grow on me.

  95. I feel very strongly about giving blood and STD testing.

  96. One year in high school I gave all of my friends condoms for Valentine's Day.

  97. That is ironic because I have a kid and they don't.

  98. Sometimes I still feel like I am 16.

  99. Sometimes I wake up and think that I need to remember to call my Grandma Daisy today; she died 4 years ago and I miss her dearly.

  100. I have really missed blogging.

If you read that whole thing you are amazing and really care about me, or you are super bored and had nothing better to do. I'm excited about the posts coming up and hope you all will enjoy them. Feel free to email me if I stay away too long again.


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  1. So I am a horrible friend and I am just now reading this post. But there are something that are on here that just make me laugh. I love you Sarah.