Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Peanut!

This is Peanut's birthday post. We had an amazing time and my side of his family and his dad's side seemed to do pretty well together. His dad showed up late, like we all knew he would and he wandered about being a douche, like we knew he would but there was no drama so I'm satisfied. On my side of the equation was Psycho Knight. He left early because Will was pissing him off. I was mad for awhile, but I realize that he gave all he had to give and left before he lost control. I'm still not thrilled that he bailed, but I'll get over it.

We totally forgot to the the obligatory eating cake picture, so we took that one on his actual birthday while he was eating cream puffs. His birthday was on Mother's Day this year which made it just amazing.

Sorry it took so long to get this post up. Things have been so crazy lately. Tomorrow will come the camping post. It might be a few weeks before I do the pumping series, I'm working on a couple of guest posts for that week. I'm looking for an exclusively pumping mom that can give us her perspective.


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