Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday 13: Lunch Break


Here is 13 things I did with my lunch hour yesterday...

1. Eat a reasonable lunch of yogurt, crackers with cream cheese and turkey, and a necterine.

2. Run next door to QT and get a super tasty cherry Sprite for only 52 cents.

3. Listen to the Decemberunderground album by AFI.

4. Make a blog to-do list.
Set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for blog.

5. Write a couple of blogs posts.

6. Call doctor about insurance clarification.

7. Clean out the stupid number of Post-Its in my purse.

8. Speaking of Post-Its, lets make a box out of one.

9. Take a couple of pictures with Instagram (LOVE) and e-mail them to yourself to include in blog post.

10. Try to fax insureance info for the 5th time today.

11. Send "I love you, have a good day" to Psycho Knight like I try to do everyday.

12. Do the Tree yoga pose.

13. Look at the clock and realize it's almost time to start working again.

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  1. lol that list made me smile :-)

  2. Not sure why Insurance companies still need fax rather than email/scanned attachments? Designed to make sure it takes time??

    It's ages since I did a Thursday Thirteen. I thought I'd see if there were still people doing it. Amazingly, I found the site is still running!