Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Comes with the Wind will Leave with the Water

What comes with the wind will leave with the water is a Gaelic proverb. It's one that I live by and will someday have permanently etched into the skin on my back. This week nature has reminded me how true this proverb can really be.

As most of you Americans should know, this past weekend was Labor Day weekend; the last weekend of Summer. Sometime around the middle of last week a heat wave blew in with the wind. I was out with my parents and Peanut on Saturday and it was sweltering, and then, it was puring down rain. Within about 30 minutes the rain cleared up and it was cool, chilly almost. The heat that came with the wind was washed away by the water. It's been nice and chilly out since and I couldn't be more excited.

Fall is my season; I love swimming in the Summer, the new flowers in the Spring, the stillness of the Winter, but Fall is when I'm relaxed and renewed. I'm kind of a morbid little thing; I like watching everything die and wind down in the fall, there is an unparalleled grace in it.

I also love fall because of all the activities that come with it. Starting this weekend I am pretty much booked. This weekend I am cleaning up a river bed with my mom's youth group and going to a birthday party for my friend's daughter. Next weekend will, as of now, be spent cleaning and getting the house ready for fall and dealing with summer clothes. The weekend after that is the Equinox, the real start to fall. This year Equinox falls on a Friday and I need to do a practice camping trip with Peanut in the back yard, so that's what we'll be doing. Then we're in October; a time that will involve a couple of trips and then HALLOWEEN, my favorite holiday.

I'm excited for fall. I can already feel myself relaxing and lightening up as Summer starts to come to a close.


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