Friday, September 2, 2011

Things I Know - Summer is Almost Over Edition

It's time for Things I Know with Shae from Yay For Home!

Today's post is inspired by this post on Off Beat Home. It's all about things I wanted to get done this summer and if they actually happened.

I know that there is a giant canvas on my dining room table that only has a background painted on it. I am going to finish it this week.

I know that I have a gift to either make or aquire for one of my friend's daughter's birthday that is coming up in 2 weeks.

I know that our roof still leaks, as does our kitchen sink and washing machine.

I know that we have nothing to make an entire meal out of and I'm not going grocery shopping until Saturday or Sunday.

I know that at some point on Monday my parents will be at our house, Psycho Knight's brother will be at our house, and PK's mom will be at our house. I feel like I should get a bunch of random food to feed people.

I know that a few things did get done this summer. We got a cat, got Peanut's room set up for the slow transition we are making into big boy land, started the therapy journey, and I got a bunch of my hair cut off.

I know that I still haven't been camping on swimming in a lake this year. I will be camping this fall, but I need to get on the swimming thing.

That's about all I know.


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