Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Do You Keep in There, Bricks?

I carry giant purses most of the time and they are usually pretty heavy. I carry lots of stuff and I'm pretty much always prepared. I do forgot that I've left my wallet in my car every once in awhile, but that is another story. Since I carry a lot of stuff I have to have a system of small pouches to manage it all. So that is what I'm going to show you today.

This is my new purse. It's huge and has pockets, just the way I like.

This is the first pouch and it contains an emergency kit of sorts. The little case hods tampons and a couple of condoms, then we have lip balm, an extra set of plugs for my ears, safety pins, hair tie and bobby pins, alcohol swabs and bandaids.

This is my favorite of all my bags. This bag houses whatever book I am reading at the time, my notebook, planner, and my kindle. Since these items add a lot of weight, if I am going to be carrying my purse for a long time I usually take the whole bundle out.

Here is my adorable wallet (they make pumps that match and I really, really need them) and my ID case. I keep the ID case in the wallet because sometimes I just need a couple of cards and cash, like when I go to concerts.

The last is my makeup bag. I keep enough in here to do an entire face of makeup. All four of those on the right hand side are lip balm: one fruity, one minty, and two tinted. I also keep a small vial of my favorite perfume in here.

Here is everything all together. There is an extra bag between the wallet and the makeup bag that hold my piercing care kit (which I plan on talking about later). I don't carry it all the time because I don't always have a new piercing to take care of. When I'm not carrying it I do have a gauze pad and a spray bottle of saline in with my make up just in case one of my piercings get tugged on or damaged in come way.
You might be wondering why I need so many bags or crap in my purse. Well I like doing it this way because I can choose which pouches I need and throw them in the diaper bag or a smaller bag depending on my needs.

So now I'm terribly curious, what is in your bag?


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