Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just a Happy Little Update

So I realize that I haven't posted anything new for awhile so I thought I should.

There isn't really a lot of exciting stuff going on with Peanut; we should fing out either next month or in January if we are having a she or a he. I am VERY VERY excited about that. I am planning my own babyshower even though my mom is hosting it; I want to make sure it is the babyshower I want and not something thats going to drive me nuts. Mostly I'm just telling her what I do and don't want.

Will and I will hopefully be traveling to New Mexico next month for Christmas and so that I can meet his family. I am very excited about that also. Just hoping we can find out hte sex before we go so we can tell everyone the news.

Thanksgiving was not too bad. I made a chocolate fudge and cherry pie, a cherry crisp, and deviled eggs. I'm going to post the recipe for the pie on here sometime soon.

I think for Christmas gifts I might make lotion bars. I was inspired today when I found out that such a thing exists. I think I can make them easily and cheeply. I will also post instrustions for those when I get it all figred out.

That is all I really have to say for the moment. Enjoy your holiday season everone.

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