Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Trip, The Holidays, and Excitement

Our trip to New Mexico was great. There was a lot of hanging out and sleeping all day, which was just the break I needed. I managed not to take any pictures of the beautiful mountians or of Will and I, just the puppies and the cats that live with his family. This is pretty typical behavior for me. But it was absoultly amazing and the mountains were breath taking. It was nice not to have to live in the real world for a couple of weeks. Christmas morning was beautiful and Will's mom gave us adorable bibs fo the baby and I got a couple of necklaces from them. Will loaded me up on jewelry. My favorite was the bracelet he got me. It has 3 hearts, for the 3 of us, and 2 keys for me and him. It's beautiful and almost made me cry.

The drive home from New Mexico was not as fantastic. We swerved and accidently trigged the emergency fuel shut off on the car and we didn't know it. So we had to get towed to my aunt and uncle's house outside of Wichita, then we figured out what it was the next morning. Then outside of Kansas City, about an hour away from home, we hit bad, snowy weather and that was not fun. So we make it home and Will drops me off at my house and then we gets stuck in a snow bank, soo we have to wait for my dad to get home to pull him out. Then he finally made it home. It was quite the adventure.

So what is all theexcitement about? Well we hopefully get to find out the sex of the baby on Monday morning. Will and my very best friend, Kayla are both coming with me so I will have 2 of the most important people to me by my side. I honestly think we are having a girl. I am going to put a poll oon facebook and see what everyone else says. I'm pretty much bouncing off the wall waiting for Monday too roll around.

I don't really have a whole lot more to say but I hope that everyone is staying safe in the cold and don't forget to let your dogs and cats in.

Love you all!

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