Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Do I Want From 2010???

That is a lovely question. I'm not sure how hard it will be to answer, but I will give it a go.

I think I will start with what I would like to learn in 2010. I have to learn how to be a mother, but I think it will come pretty naturally; to slow down and be in nature more; how to be more selfless with my love, a new hobby of some sort...I don't really know of a lot more that I WANT to learn. There are things I need to learn and have to learn, but it's not a situation of want.

The next question is about the mentors and teachers I want to invite into my life. I think I already invited some in. I went to a La Leche League meeting and felt very at ease with the women. I would love to grow connections with all of them. I need more wise women in my life.

There are more question about 2010 but I am just going to sum up what I want. I want to reconnect with old friends and build relationships with new ones. I want to get my mom's business going so that I can have financial freedom from my parents. I want a house or apartment for my new little family. I want to further my realtionship with Will. I want it to be a nice year and to not have to stress about everything all the time.

So the last part of this is fun. It's 100 things to do in 2010. I only have 38 so far, but I'll share those.

1.Make a baby! 20. Stop chewing my nails.
2. Go to the zoo. 21. Get married, or at least engaged.
3. Scrapbook. 22. Be a great mom.
4. Take more pictures. 23. Buy stocks.
5. Yoga. 24. Start a college fund for baby.
6. MORE CRAFTING! 25. Go back to school in the fall.
7. Launch mom's business. 26. Get good grades.
8. Get my own place. 27. Get involved with an organization.
9. Get a puppy. 28. Decided my path in life.
10. Learn to cook better. 29. Buy a new car.
11. Go on dates with Will. 30. Meditate more.
12. Visit my best friend in college. 31. Help Dad with his business.
13. Take a raod trip. 32. Finish the basement.
14. Go to an amusement park. 33. Make lotions.
15. And a water park. 34. Take a pottery class.
16. Take my dogs on walks. 35. Learn to bake more.
17. Recycle more. 36. Lose weight.
18. Go swimming more. 37. Design back tattoo.
19. Go camping. 38. Start back tattoo.

I fully intend on completing all of these taskes on my list. And finisshing the list so I can do all 100. All of these questions came from the Goddess Guide Book and you can go to the link at the left of my page and check it out. As I do more in the e-course I will be posting pics and blogging my experiance.

Love you guys!

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