Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Hate It When You Learn Things About Yourself

I learned that I feel like I need approval of my parenting skills and I don't like it one bit. No matter what I'm doing with the baby, if my mom is around, I almost always glance over to her to see if she approves of what I'm doing. Sometimes it almost make me feel like an imposter; like I'm just pretending to be a mom. I know that I feel this way because my confidence in myself is low and that it will probably get better as I become more confident, but I just really hate this.

In other news, I went back to work this week. I don't know if I have talked about this on here, but I work for an awesome family owned company that is allowing me to bring Peanut to work with me. We might have to figure something else out when he gets older and more active, but for righ now it works. He sleeps most of the time and when he is hungry I either breastfeed him if there are no customers, or i bottle feed him pumped milk if there are. Most of our customers are moms so they don't mind my having a baby here with me. I didn't realize how much I missed work until I got back.

Well I need to get to work so off I go.


  1. You don't need my approval, but I love that you think you do. You're a great mom. Yes, you will make mistakes--that's why babies are born knowing nothing. If you mess up, they are not aware. You're not an imposter, just a new mom, and you're doing a wonderful job. I love you-Mom

  2. That's so awesome, about work going so well. About the approval thing- I know you hate it tons, but I think all new moms are like that especially when seeing if their own mothers approve of their mothering skills. It'll get better. Have faith in yourself.

    The Fairy God Diva

  3. Sarah, your doing a good job whether you accept this comment or not! It's wonderful see your getting into the swings of things you just need to be more aware of yourself and the surroundings glad you can take your baby to work