Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Mentors

These are mentors that I have gained since I started blogging.

This first woman is one of the most amazing, insightful, loving people in the whole world. Her name is Leonie Allen and she is from Goddess Guide Since I started following her blog I have become more in touch with myself and with, what she calls, Great Spirit. She had her daughter about 4 weeks before I had my son and it was very magical watching her journey while I was on my own.

The next woman is the lovely it is Holly Homemaker from Good Golly Miss Holly. She is amazing and so funny. I love reading her blog and how honest she is about the world. You can count on her always having something to say about the stupid people that seem to always make headlines.

The last woman I want to tell you about is the lovely Draft Queen from The Drafts Folder. The is very candid about what goes on in her world and tell it how she sees it. The reason she is one of y online mentors is because she always comments on my posts when they are ones discussing issues I am having. Like the one about not being able to post my "if you really knew me" response.

Obviously I have more mentors IRL, but these are the ladies I most look up to online and I want to say think you to the three of them for being there for me, even if they didn't know they were.

<3 Swt


  1. Aw, thanks! I'm probably blushing over here.

    I love following your blog. Having been 18 and knocked up myself, it brings back a lot of memories.

    Someday you'll be old like me, Peanut will be a tween, and you'll be plucking the grays trying to remember what it was like when he was this small. Cherish it all.

  2. I'm blushing too, thank you for such a sweet shoutout!

    I love your blog too, so fabulous to see another young mama enjoying breastfeeding!

    Big love to you x