Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 Reasons I Can't Do Traditional College

The last post I wrote was about going to see the Bestie at college. It was a lot of fun, but it wasn't really my scene. I asked someone to remind me to write this post, and the Bestie did, so here you go!

1. It was loud. And we were there on a Sunday. I cannot imagine being there during the week with everyone walking around. The cafeteria was the worst. I do not like large crowds of people and there was constant noise. Not my thing at all.

2. I don't think I would be able to live in such tight spaces with someone. Even with the Bestie. I have now seen about 5 dorm rooms and they all suck. And the smell funny. I like to rearrange and in dorms there isn't a lot of room for that.

3. I have a kid. I know I could still be a student at a traditional school, but there are a lot of things besides just school going on and I would feel like I was either missing out on them or missing out on Peanut. That would suck.

4. I am way to close with my parents to live away from them. I couldn't even go to camp when I was little. I am way to dependant on them and I think it is because I am an only child. The relationship is different with only children and their parents.

5. I have never done anything the traditional way. That just isn't how I roll, so starting now would be a stupid idea.

So for those of you that don't know, I go to a community college. It's not great, but it serves the purpose. After I get my associates here, I am going to eventually enter into a university program for adults and get the rest of my bachelors that way. Then hopefully later on a masters will follow it.

So that's it. Tomorrow is Flog Yo Blog Friday. I have 44 followers now, so only 6 more until 50. Maybe we can reach that goal tomorrow.

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  1. Continuing Ed is a great option. In the end, your degree is still a degree whether you took the classes in a traditional setting or as an "adult learner".

    I should know because I've been in college for an eternity ;-) (PROTIP: don't switch schools and majors ever semester and you may just end up with a degree.)