Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love College...and Babies...

Yup, I forgot Flog Yo Blog Friday again. I'm a terrible person.

So anyways, it's hard being a mom and being a student. It's estimated that for every hour in class you should be doing 3 hours of homework. I am in class for 9 hours a week, so that is 27 hours of homework a week. That is a lot! I don't mind because it is worth it in the end, but right now it kind of sucks.

It would be so much worse if I wasn't living with my parents. They play with Peanut while I do my work and study. Bu I still can never seem to get caught up on everything.

Right now my room and Peanut's rooms and our bathroom is a complete disaster and the laundry is behind. I need to take a day and get everything done so that I can go back to maintaing our space instead of trying to play constant game of catch up.

Even my school is going as well as it should. I am making pretty good grades, but not as good as I could be doing. I just totally fucked up a psychology test. I am good at psychology, I just never got around to doing the reading, if I had I could have had this. I am giving math my best shot and I got 100% on my first 3 quizzes, 80% on the fourth one and then I got a C on my first test. The first one is the hardest so I think it should be ok. History is just random and my teacher has sever women issues. He always manages to make a snide remark about females. But his tests are pretty easy so it's not a huge deal. My online humanities class is easy. I can get all of the work for the week done in just a couple of hours, now I just have to start doing it before 9:30 Tuesday night when it is due at 12.

So that is how my school life is going.

Just a little update on Peanut. He has eaten avocado, white beans, banana, and potatoes. He is doing really well with solids and he refuses to eat cereal which is fine with me, there really isn't a lot of nutritional value in there. So that's it for now.


  1. Oh, doll, I feel your pain. All of my classes are online, but they require so much more than attending lecture and doing homework. I never in a million thought I'd say this, but I miss the traditional classroom. Hang in there! <3

  2. I have complete faith in your ability to bring it all back to the place you want it to be. You're doing incredibly well for a young woman with a baby and school to think about. As for that Psychology test, you know what you did wrong. Correct the mistake next time around. That's what life is about, correcting our mistakes. Set short term goals for yourself, that always helps and I know you like goal setting. ;) I love you very much and know you can handle this!
    Wow! Didn't I sound like a GS leader there!
    -The Fairy God Diva

  3. i wish i had the drive you have!

    gah i couldn't imagine school and kids right now!

  4. Good on you for doing it. I've worked around kids for years and it's not easy, no matter your age or how much help you have. Keep your eyes on the prize, do the best you can and celebrate hard when you get there!