Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Man, This Is Going to Be Tough

Psycho Knight is working late tonight, like until 1:30. He is a TSA agent(that's why you won't hear me bitching about TSA policies) so especially during the holidays he gets stuck working late because of delays. This is the first night in over a month that I haven't gotten to talk to him. I texted his around 10 am until he went to work, but still have not actually spoken to him. Most of the time while he is at work he doesn't have his phone so I haven't even really gotten to text him for a few hours now. It's driving me nuts.

So what is so terribly hard? Nothing yet. When I move in with him though these nights are going to kill me. I have been doing a lot of thinking about our relationship and how it is growing and changing daily and I keep coming to the conclusion that I want to live with him. I'm still holding off until March, but I keep leaving stuff there so that I don't have to drag it back and forth every week when I stay with him.

There are some challenges I can already see when I move in. First there is the weirdness with Will and making sure everyone is comfortable as possible with the child care situation. Then there is the fact that PK is not used to having to deal with a crying baby all night and sometimes that just happens. I will not have any friends up there(he lives 45 minutes away) and that will be pretty hard on me. His "weekend" is Tuesday and Wednesday so if I get this job with WIC and have Saturday and Sunday off, we won't get weekends together. The last part is that he works until 8:30 at least every night. There are going to be some very, very lonely nights for me and I'm really worried about that.

I know that everything will work out just fine and I can make friends up there, but I think about the what ifs way too much.

I'm thinking that I will write about PK and I's history soon because it is kind of a funny story.


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  1. Whoa, a TSA agent, eh? I don't have anything nasty to say about them. Just doing their jobs. I'm sure they all run into their share of assholes. And like anything a couple of jerks can make for a bad name for the entire group...

    But try not to worry about the what ifs. They will work themselves out.