Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today Is a Magical Day

Actually right now is magical. Tonight is a full moon, and an eclipse, and it's Solstice. I am not terribly religious in any way, but I do believe in the a lot of the Pagan and earth based ways, that's really all that needs to be known about that.

The eclipse is absolutely amazing and Peanut got to see a little bit of it. We stood on T.K.'s drive way and just stared at it with him for awhile. There is a certain energy that I could feel all day and now that the eclipse is happening it is even more powerful. I feel drawn to outside, I want to go sit in the grass and feel the breeze and watch that amazing moon disappear for a few minutes.

I went outside and sat in the grass and said a prayer to the Universe. I asked it to protect my loved ones and myself and said thank you for all of the blessings that have been bestowed on me. I asked the Gods to watch over my burdens for the night and told them that I will gladly pick them back up in the morning, but for tonight, I need to be free if only for a few hours. I feel lighter now, and I got this feeling that everything will work out. I trust this feeling.

As of now, it is Winter. A season full of the much needed death for the rebirth in the spring. This feels very symbolic to me right now. There is a lot of my old life dying and being put to rest, but this new life that is coming is full of new opportunities and a different me. Only a few ore days left of this year, and then on to a fresh new one.

I'm going to bed now, with the blinds open, I want to soak up as much of this new energy as I can.


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