Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post Number 150

I haven't written anything in quite awhile and I honestly don't know why. Well that's a lie, I do know. I always get a little depressed around the holidays for a few reasons but one of them being that I just have nothing that I have to do so I get a bit down.

I'm having a pretty rough night tonight. I'm sad and I really want to cry and scream and all that jazz, but alas, I cannot. I get lonely at night when no one is around to talk to, that is why I can never live by myself, I will drive myself mad. But anyways, it is nights like tonight that I need someone to snuggle with most, but my boyfriend is 40 miles North so I can't just stop in for a hug. I do have other people that I can hug, but he is really the only one that I want. Ah well, as my friend, lets call him Arkansas, told me, "Everything is ALWAYS worse in the dark of night." That proves true all the time and I'm glad he has shared that bit of wisdom with me because I really need t sometimes. Tomorrow will be better and I will feel better. And if I don't I will drive to Psycho Knight's house tomorrow night after he gets off work and get my damn hugs.

On to the point of this post. I meant to write about my New Year's Resolutions on New Year's Eve, obviously that did not happen. So now is as good a time as ever to write about this lovely subject.

  • Blog 3 times per week and do all 52 Flog Yo Blog Fridays. Another part of this resolution is that I want to have at least 100 followers by the end of the year and that I would like to make a bit of money off this sucker.
  • Lose 60 pounds. I will share a piece of information now that I have previously been ashamed of; I weigh 260 pounds. I am also incredibly tall so it's spread out fairly well, but really, that is too much. What goes along with this is that I am going to go back to eating healthy like I did when I was late in my pregnancy and early breastfeeding days and start working out in some fashion. I would like to get down to at least a size 14 (I'm a size 20 now) and be able to run without getting winded. This is less about my appearance and more about how I actually feel and how I feel about myself.
  • I need to learn to cook if I am ever going to move out, so I am going to start cooking at least 2 meals per week that I have never made before.
  • As a mom I feel like I need to be cloth diapering more; I've gotten terribly lazy with the laundry and it's really been bugging me.
  • Also on the mom front, I need to wear Peanut more especially when I am employed again. We really need that connection now more than ever.
  • And this resolution is for Peanut; it is time to wean off that damn pacifier. I need to look up more information on how exactly one goes about doing that, but it has to happen.

So there you have it. I am planning on writing about how my resolutions are going once a month or so. So we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for a wonder 2010 readers and here is to an even better 2011.


*By the way, the entire time I was writing this post my internal voice sounded like Russell Brand because I have been reading his Booky Wook and it is amazing, but he is in my head now.

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  1. My Booky Wook is a perfectly pontificated portrayal of penance, passions and punk pretentions. Don't know who I sounded like then, but twas fun.