Sunday, May 29, 2011


This post is sooooo late! The Bestie, Jules, the Bestie's Roommate, Meggers and I went on ann all girls camoing trip. We had a great time. We got there late Friday night and had to set up in the cold and the dark and didn't have any fire wood yet so we were really cold. We drove into town and went grocery shopping.

On Saturday we got up and went a found firewood and started a HUGE fire to keep warm. We made biscuits, gravy, and bacon on the fire. This was actually around lunch time by the time we got the fire started and the food made. We wandered around the campsite and explored until we were freezing and decided to huddle up in the tent and take a nap. We tried to make burgers for dinner, but they fell apart and the desert we tried to make got really burnt so we decided to head into town for ice cream. The town is a college town and it was graduation night so we were dressed in camping clothes while everyone else was all dressed up. We think we saw some one break into a building so that was exciting.

Sunday morning we got up and had to pack quickly because it was starting to rain. We got everything broken down and decided to stop at Steak n' Shake for lunch. All and all it was a fantastic weekend. Thanks girls for coming on this trip with me!


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  1. Ugh! I hate camping. I would rather masturbate with a fork. With that said, I am sure I will be pressured in to going this year, just like every damn year.