Monday, August 8, 2011


This weekend we had a lesson in trust in our house. It started out Friday night when Peanut WOULD NOT SLEEP. He usually goes to bed at 8 pm and didn’t pass out until after midnight. He would relax if I was holding him, and then play, and then relax. So I would put him down and walk away and he would scream. It wasn’t his normal scream when he is actually upset; it was different somehow. Every time this started I second guessed myself and went in to check on him and thus the situation started over. I realized when I finally told Psycho Knight that I was going to bed and turned on my fan and shut my door that I need to learn to trust my instincts. I was going and checking on Peanut because I thought I was being mean if I didn’t when what he really needed was to be left alone to work it out on his own. I also realized that I needed to trust him to be able to communicate with me when he actually needs me. Yes, he wanted to play, but the sounds he was making meant that he was ok to be left by himself.

The second lesson in trust came Sunday afternoon. PK got and early out at work and came home right at nap time. When Peanut woke up he got up and played for awhile and then decided to get into stuff. He started pulling movies off the shelf even after we blocked it and distracted him. Peanut wasn’t having it. What resulted was a full blown temper tantrum. PK picked Peanut up and sat him in a chair and told him calmly that he was in time out for 1 minute. Peanut continued with his fit and at that point I was losing patience so I walked away because I realized that I have to trust PK as a parent. I always step in and take control because since he was born, I have been Peanut’s care taker. As he gets older and PK is around more and more he has to be respected as a parent also.

Peanut also learned a lesson in trust with PK. By PK holding Peanut while he threw his fit Peanut learned that he can trust PK to discipline in a fair manner and also that PK will give him a safe and appropriate environment to work out his frustrations on his own, which is an essential part growing and learning.

When I came back down my boys were eating Cheerios and drinking juice. It was an adorable sight.


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  1. Trust the Daaay when he steps in; I have seen it do so much good for their kids (weather or not they have the same blood).